CanCooker 4 Gallon- Steam Cooker

CanCooker 4 Gallon Capacity Bone Collector Edition, Convection Steam Cooker Feeds up to 20

So I think this is really neat. I hadn’t seen anything like this before. It is a steam cooker that works on any heat source. So, you can have healthy food alternatives when camping and such.


I just think it’s cool. Let’s look at its features:

  • The CanCooker takes the cattle drive tradition of cooking in a cream can and revolutionizes it with the power of steam to cook a healthy meal on any heat source. 
  • Built out of food grade anodized aluminum, the CanCooker can be heated on a number of heat sources, from stovetops to campfires to bbq grills
  • The high-temperature silicone gasket helps trap the steam that is released when the water is heated to the boiling point
  • CanCooker

    The CanCooker is loaded with features to help keep you safe while preparing your meals

I hope you enjoyed this post. I just thought this was something different and unique and definitely would not be a bad addition to your camping arsenal. Click the Amazon link below to get one today!!!

Have a Great Day and Happy Baking!!!


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