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Come enjoy some great homecooking recipes. Take them home to your family and friends and claim them as your own if you want… them!!!











4 thoughts on “Recipes”

  1. Hi Jen

    I went for the cookies and the recipe looks pretty simple and delicious. I hope to make nice ones for the coming week, I like having home made snacks all the time. But I never tried to bake cookies. Your recipe doesn’t look complicated, so I will try it. I hope they will be good looking like in the picture, lol.


    1. LOL. Yes, they are not hard. The key to cookies is pulling them out in time. You over-bake them just a little and they get hard. You will have to experiment with the time because everyone’s oven bakes different. It is just something you learn with experience. I pull them out just before they are brown. Goodluck and yes it is a great recipe!! My kids and husband love it.

  2. That’s a lot of tasty looking cakes, pies, cookies and salads. I really like your recipes, although I must admit I have not had time to use any of your recipes yet. Hopefully I’ll find some time in the near future to do it.

    I’m a big fan of salads, so I hope you’ll have more salad recipes in the future. The Easy Cranberry Salad looks delicious!

    Thank you for this great website!

    1. Thank you. Yes, the cranberry salad is delicious. I actually have two versions of it. One with Cool Whip and one with gelatin. They are both very good. I will try to get some more salads put up soon. I hope you enjoy the recipes. Thank you for your thoughts and comment.

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